When Do I Need a Financial Controller?

  • You've been so busy working in your new business venture you aren't sure if it's profitable or not
  • You don’t get monthly financial statements, or if you get them, you don’t know how to read and interpret them
  • You have a bookkeeper who seems competent, but you are not sure about the accuracy and reality of your records
  • You would like someone to manage your accounting department for you every month so you can concentrate on building your business, but you can’t afford a full time controller
  • You look back over the past months of your existing business and wonder where the money went
  • You'd like an accounting system set-up or modified for you that will provide the regular financial information you need to manage your new and/or growing business
  • You wonder if your business will have enough operating funds for the next year
  • You're so busy it seems as if tax time and its complex forms sneak up on you, and getting everything ready for your tax preparer every year is a daunting task

A Financial Controller can assist you with:

  • The set-up and fine tuning of your business's accounting system
  • The successful creation of a strategic plan for future growth
  • Current forecasts and cash-flow projections
  • Interpretation of financial records
  • A complete year-end package for your tax preparer -- on time
  • Designing and setting up customized accounting systems
  • Accounting system conversions
  • Clean-up, analysis, and correction of existing records
  • Stabilization and restoration of timely operations
  • Training of bookkeepers and administrative staff
  • Financial forecasts and cash flow projections
  • Development of business plans
  • General business consulting 

 I can't overstate the positive impact you have had on our business. Thanks to you we operate at a level of sophistication way beyond where most companies like ours would ever go.

Greg Giuliano, PhD, Founder & & Managing Partner, Ecstasis Consulting, LLC, Rancho Santa Margarita

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