What is a Financial Controller?

Financial Controllers direct the preparation of financial reports; such as income statements, balance sheets, and projections of future earnings and expenses, that summarize and forecast the organization's financial position. Consulting Controller Inc. will help you make sense of the universal accounting language.

At Consulting Controller Inc. we specialize in start-up companies and small businesses - companies either on the way to their first million in annual sales or those whose annual sales average under five million. Your company needs a Controller who will handle the work between a bookkeeper and a CPA, but you don't need someone full time on your management team. 

Where does a Financial Controller fit in to your accounting process?

Here are the some of the basic areas of expertise of the Bookkeeper, Controller, and a CPA.  A Controller works between the bookkeeper and the CPA.

A Controller analyzes and develops timely and accurate financial information, enabling the company to deliver and improve its future overall performance. Traditional accounting and financial functions act as rear-view mirrors, measuring past performance. Controllers are forward-looking, acting as business headlights. From the article "Controllership: The Other Accounting Career," by Dr. Brian Patrick Green, CPA. Professor of Accounting and Director of Controllership, University of Michigan, Dearborn.

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