What CCI Can Do for Your Business

HERE ARE SOME OF THE POSSIBILITIES:                                      

  • The set-up and fine tuning of your business's accounting system
  • The successful creation of a strategic plan for future growth
  • Current forecasts and cash-flow projections
  • Interpretation of financial records
  • A complete year-end package for your tax preparer -- on time
  • Designing and setting up customized accounting systems
  • Accounting system conversions
  • Clean-up, analysis, and correction of existing records
  • Stabilization and restoration of timely operations
  • Training of bookkeepers and administrative staff
  • Financial forecasts and cash flow projections
  • Development of business plans
  • General business consulting

At the cost of only a few hours a month, a Consulting Financial Controller is a smart, money-saving business strategy. No need for a full-time and often costly employee.                           

Mary Ann's objectivity, eye for detail, and care for our success in meeting the daunting challenge of a recent accounting system conversion was most appreciated. Her past efforts in assisting in the organization of our accounting department have been instrumental to our company's continued success. Curt Cournale, President, Cournale & Co. Real Estate Since 1945, San Francisco

Mary Ann designed and implemented a turn-key accounting system for my firm several years ago. She set up my books in QuickBooks and trained me in the basics of bookkeeping. Because she has such a breadth of accounting experience, she was able to develop a set of practical, straightforward, and most importantly, maintainable bookkeeping procedures for me. Now, with minimal upkeep and modest ongoing costs, thanks to Mary Ann, I have a set of books that are so clean I could eat off them. Brent L. Williams, President, Future Perfect Studios, Inc., San Francisco

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