How We Start


We offer a complimentary 45-minute “Financial Strategy Session," either in person or on the phone.  Prior to our complimentary session, you will complete and return a one-page list of questions about the structure of your business.  The goal of our meeting is to determine the issues that your company faces and after this we will provide you with suggestions on how we might move forward.

If we decide there's a good fit and we both want to work together, we will discuss the specifics, what needs to be done and how, including expectations for both the client and consultant. Once the specific needs are defined, an engagement letter will be prepared which will outline the terms of our agreement and the scope of the work. Because every client's needs are uniquely different, work is billed hourly. Our basic fee is $150 per hour.  Special projects, such as the One Page Business Plan®, are separately priced.

All client and prospect information is strictly confidential. 

There are two indispensable people in my business: me, because I am the owner, and Mary Ann, because of what she has done for this company. 

Candace Haine, President,The Gift Horse, Berkeley

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