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Consulting Controller Inc. 

Detective Work for People Whose Accounting is a Mystery

Rescue Work for People Whose Accounting is a Disaster

Your company’s success depends upon more than your products or services, it also depends on how well you manage and control the often unfamiliar and confusing financial and legal requirements of your business.  For these requirements, which are outside the scope of normal, routine bookkeeping, you will need a Financial Controller.

Your Financial Controller works between your bookkeeper and your CPA to help determine and maintain the accuracy and reality of your business records and reports. 

Consulting Controller Inc. will help you track your company's performance in real time.  We offer specialized expertise combining accounting, management, auditing, and investigative skills and general business consulting that transcends specific industries and organizations.  Experienced in many business arenas, from start-ups to mid-sized companies, Consulting Controller Inc., will help to ensure that you have the financial information you need to make important decisions for your company’s future.

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